Artist Papas Fritas Burns $500 Million Worth of Student Debt

This link includes a 48 minute video detailing the project.

Cassie Thornton: “Mystery Hands”

Abstract: Mystery Hands is a multi-media installation and series of relational encounters created as part of the Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia exhibition at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Gallery 400 in June and July of 2016, curated by Lorelei Stewart. This project addresses the catastrophic effects of the debt of the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, which has led to the closure of schools, the underfunding of education, attacks on workers’ rights and increased class sizes. Thornton’s used her signature technique of collecting hypnotic debt-visualizations from adults associated with or impacted by the crisis (teachers, activists, bankers, parents, principals), but sought to make these visions accessible to children, and asked children to help imagine ways to literally break out of the crisis that has so immobilized and sucked dry  the adult imagination.

Critical U. Tumblr

A compendium of materials for teaching critical university studies and the various contexts of higher education. (Defunct since 2014)

Edufactory Conference Site

Abstract It will consist of three days of radical self-education, criticism and organisation intended to bring together students who seek a way out of the present crisis in university education. All are welcome who reject the ongoing integration of universities into the market, the undermining of student autonomy and the erosion of essential services such as housing.

But the objective of EduFactory! is not only to critique the university’s political-economy; it also seeks to explore the able-bodied, gendered and racial nature of the institution. Faced with these multifaceted and interrelated problems in the university system, we are calling on students from far and wide to converge at the home of the Australian political class and build a strong student movement on the firm foundations of grassroots democratic organising. (Defunct sine 2012)